Use and misuse of metadata statements for SEO

META Tags or what are officially referred to as Metadata Elements, are found within the head section of your web pages. Meta tags are still relevant with some indexing search engines. Your site should utilize your meta tags in accordance with the W3C – World Wide Web Consortium Metadata Specifications.

Here is a good introductory article about META tags and metadata statements.

Search engines use an algorithm to determine what the most relevant content on the have Internet. They crawl through websites, looking for occurrences of keywords. Websites usually have metadata tags describing the content of the website. However, due to misuse, the sole reliance on metadata has diminished considerably. A search engine will check the occurrences of the keywords within the body of the text, and also the time it was last updated. All these factors contribute to what is known as the website’s page rank, which in turn determines how high up the website goes in the results.

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