Leading London Cosmetic Botox Clinic uses WordPress for their new site

Capital Aesthetics, a leading London cosmetic treatment clinic have commissioned Retiarius to build their new web site.

The brief was that the site’s owners would like to be able to modify and maintain the site themselves with minimum effort.  This required the use of a form of content management system.

We decided to use the excellent WordPress blogging software as a content management system. There wer several reasons for his:

  • The base software is free
  • There are many excellent themes for this software that can be adapted to get the look and feel required by the client.
  • WordPress can be extended to incorporate powerful SEO plugins that increase the SEO of the site with minimum extra effort.
  • The use of an industry  standard software base provides proven upgrade and extension features.
  • WordPress is easily read by Google and other search engines
  • WordPress can easily incorporate the Google Analytics trafiic measurement system

The client has expressed his satisfaction with the design we have produced which, in his opinion, closely approximates the look and feel of his original site whilst providing the flexibility he needs.

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